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About BQ

BQ is the consumer facing brand of Munda Reader, S.L. a Spanish manufacturer of smartphones with presence in Germany, France, Russia and Portugal. BQ was one of the few device manufacturers that sold phones using Ubuntu Phone instead of Android.


After BQ had published that their Aquaris X5 Plus phone was going to get Vidhance Video Stabilization Imint confirmed the existence of a license agreement. Although it was the very first license agreement with a device maker Imint announced it took almost a full year until the phone actually got Vidhance Video Stabilization through an firmware update.


Today BQ markets the following devices as using Vidhance Video Stabilization:

Announced Model Product Source
2017Q2 Aquaris X Pro Stabilization press release
2017Q2 Aquaris X Stabilization press release
2016Q3 Aquaris X5 Plus Stabilization announced by customer