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About Huawei

Huawei is today the worlds biggest providers of telecommunication equipment. They are also the third biggest smartphone manufacturer selling 139.3 million units in 2016.


With Mate 9 Huawei was the first device maker to launch a phone with Vidhance Video Stabilization. The launch was preceded by a SEK 800 thousand integration contract followed by an announcement of a license agreement. Huawei was never mentioned by name and that was still the case when Imint proudly proclaimed that there was a phone on the market that used Vidance. Only after Mr Imint and others had found traces of Vidhance in the Mate 9 firmware leading to a half day halt in trading did Imint confirm it. Since then Imint has not been able to confirm the existence of Vidhance in any Huawei device.

Reliable availability of firmware images from Huawei’s own update service has delivered the necessary raw data to verify the existance of the Vidhance software in all premium models ever since. For non-premium models Huawei has so far continued to use video stabilization from Morpho.


Today the existence of Vidhance software is verified in the following phones:

Announced Model Product Source
2018Q1 P20 Stabilization firmware analysis, NyTeknik, 2018q1 Report
2017Q4 Mate 10 Stabilization firmware analysis
2017Q2 Honor 9 Stabilization firmware analysis
2017Q1 P10 Plus Stabilization firmware analysis
2017Q1 P10 Stabilization firmware analysis
2017Q1 Mate 9 Porsche design Stabilization firmware analysis
2016Q4 Mate 9 Pro Stabilization firmware analysis
2016Q4 Mate 9 Stabilization press release

More details about estimated sales volumes for the above volumes is available here.