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About Vivo

Vivo is a large Chinese technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures smartphones. It was founded in 2009 in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, and as of May 2017, they are the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world according to IDC. Vivo is a sister company of the other smartphone manufacutrors OPPO and IMOO, all wholly owned by the parent company BBK. BBK also (indirectly) owns the company OnePlus, which is a subsidiary of OPPO.


Imint AB and Vivo signed a license agreement for Vidhance stabilization on the 21th August 2017. At this time, the customer name wasn’t revealed. The agreement gave Vivo the right to include Vidhance stabilization in it’s upcoming smartphones, for the duration of the agreement, which runs roughly until 21st September 2018 (one year after their first product release with Vidhance).

On 21th September 2017 Vivo released it’s X20 smartphone. This was their first product using Vidhance. It’s the successor of the Vivo X9. The day after, Imint AB issued a press release telling that Vivo was their customer, and that the X20 includes Vidhance.


Today the existence of Vidhance software is verified in the following phones:

Announced Model Product Source
2018Q1 X21 Stabilization firmware analysis
2018Q1 X20 UD Stabilization firmware analysis
2017Q3 X20 Stabilization press release
2017Q3 X20 Plus Stabilization press release